Inflatable Rock Climbing Wall AMCB001

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Inflatable mountain climbing are a great hit at any event, whether it is a kid's party, teen party, or even a corporate event. With a sided rock wall available for climbers to compete it produces a unique experience. The rock wall also serves as an illusion, making it seem easier then it appears to climbers who think it's hard, yet harder for the climbers who think it's easy. Either way, you cannot climb them just once. We also manufacturer four sided inflatable rock wall as well. Either way they are both a lot of fun!

Unlike a popular myth suggests, climbing walls aren't just for adults any longer. Inflatable mountain climbing are truly a sport to be practiced by all ages. It would come as a surprise to most parents that climbing the climbing walls from a young age not only help to boost their confidence levels, but also proves as a fun alternative for children to stay fit while still having fun. No matter how the body of your child might look, he or she can still participate on climbing walls. Very few other sports can say this, seeing as you need to have an athletic built for most of them in order to reach the top. Climbing walls also require no experience or skill level whatsoever to participate.

Item Number AMCB001
Manufacturer AM Inflatable
Features Climbing Wall
Indoor and Outdoor Use
Commercial Use
Material 1000D PVC Tarpaulin
Size Can be customized
Minimum Recommended Age 3 Years Old
Accessory CE/UL Blower & Repair Material
Inflate/Deflate Time Inflate - Less than 4 Minutes
Deflate - Less than 4 Minutes
Warranty Slide - Two Year Limited
Blower - One Year Limited